ATM Cash Optimization

The most prominent effect of ATM s on customer experience is giving 7/24 non-stop instant cash service. Thus an exceptional ATM service may lead to increase cash funding costs drastically with cash surplus of expense and inadequate routing of ATM vehicles can increase your operational cost.

Sophisticated, three-tiered approach to forecasting, optimization, and routing developed by Bitek reduces funding and operational costs and enhances the customer experience.

Through Bitek ATM Cash management optimization, banks can avoid falling into the trap of holding too much cash and improve profits by mobilizing idle cash. Therefore, it is crucial to use advanced algorithms to accurately predict cash demand for each ATM. A smart optimization module takes into account the funding cost and operational cost and defines replenishment day and replenishment order. Then routing module defines the most optimal vehicle routes, using ATM locations.

Improve Customer Experience

Decrease Funding Cost

Decrease Operational Cost