It is a scheduling solution based on optimization techniques which assigns a set of jobs to a set of employees with different levels of expertise to meet the due dates and satisfy SLAs.
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Prioritize jobs

It is possible to prioritize the jobs to be done based on customer type, transaction type and amount, urgency status and SLA.

Optimize workforce

It calculates the right number of employees to be assigned to each job pool and also delivers a detailed job-employee assignment. With the exact and heuristic optimization techniques deployed, it differentiates from the existing rule based solutions in the market.

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Manage busy periods

With appropriately designed optimization and forecasting models it manages the busy periods efficiently.

Balance workload

The workload is assigned to employees in a balanced manner. Additionally, if desired, each employee is assigned to job types he/she is capable of in order to increase efficiency.

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Increase customer satisfaction

As the compatibility of SLAs and due dates is increased, the satisfaction of both internal and external customers is also increased.

Easy reporting

Different report types help monitoring the system, waiting jobs, employee performances and others.

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