It is a solution that reduces the processes that require the initiative and determines the price that will bring the long-term profitability of the companies to the highest level for the products and services by taking into account the customer life time value and price sensitivity.
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Determine Customer’s Price Sensivity

Calculates how responsive the customer is to which price with customer sensitivity models.

Determine Customer Lifetime Value

Takes into account the potential profit of the customer in the future, together with customer lifetime value.

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Increase Profitability

Offers the most optimal price for the customer with its powerful analytical optimization engine in the direction of targeted profitability and volume. It offers a more advantageous price to customers before customers demand their price and helps to maximize the profitability of the company without losing the volume.

Reduce Manual Processes

Reduces the initiative required processes and minimize the risks arising from manual operations.


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Make Detailed Analysis

Simulates the offered price and acceptance rates according to the desired volume and profitability.


Use Easily

Simple interface makes it easy for users to adapt.

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