Collection optimization learns from the previous actions taken to customers and determines what action should be taken to which customer on a given delay day with an objective of maximizing long term profits from customers.
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Have a long-term focus

If desired, instead of focusing on short-term collections, collection optimization solution makes it possible to concentrate on long-term revenues from customers.

Have a customer based strategy

It allows you to develop individual customer based strategies as potential value and response to actions can be different for each customer.

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Manage your capacity

Optimum set of strategies can be determined based on the available capacity. Alternatively, the amount of capacity needed for optimum strategies can also be determined.

Design scenarios

It also allows you to define rule-based scenarios based on different variables reflecting customer and product properties. With what-if analyses it is possible to see the effects of different tactics.

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Automate full cycle

It determines calling work orders, monitors all types of actions taken to customers as well as their results, and manages the entire process effectively.


Simple outsource integration

By design, it can be easily integrated with the operations carried out by the outsource companies, and it also helps you to monitor their activities.

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Easy use

With its simple and user-friendly interfaces it is easy to use even for beginners.

Easy reporting

Different reports help monitoring the effectiveness of the implemented collection strategies or the impacts of any possible changes on the existing strategies.

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