It determines when each ATM should be visited, how much money should be loaded on each visit, and also the routes of the money vehicles so that total operational cost is minimized.
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Reduce costs

With the analytical tools involved, it minimizes the total costs of cassette preparation, money holding and money loading.

Care customer satisfaction

While minimizing the costs you can also manage the customers satisfaction (probability related with finding money in ATM) parametrically.

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Make effective forecasting

A bunch of techniques are involved to forecast the amount of money to be withdrawn in the next days where the best performing technique is determined automatically for each ATM.

Integrated solution

It is the only solution in the world capable of handling cost minimization and vehicle routing problems simultaneously.

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Manage emergency situations

When money withdrawals exceed computed expectations and it is not feasible to wait until the next planned day, the best action plan with minimum incremental cost is determined.

Follow and report

The statuses of ATMs are monitored real time and users are equipped with a variety of useful reports.

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