It is a map based decision support system designed to determine the optimum locations for any prescribed number of new facilities to be opened. Competition with the rival facilities and the other facilities of the same company are taken into account.
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Analytical approach

The solution is based on an analytical model that uses the performances of the existing facilities to solve a facility location problem and determine the optimum locations of new facilities.

Suitable for new companies also

Thanks to the mathematical models involved, it is also applicable to newly established companies.

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Locate quick

It will take a few seconds to locate your facilities in a selected province, county or region. Optionally, you can run it longer to check whether even better solutions exist.

Analyze in detail

Detailed analyses of the located facilities can be made. Any type of point of interest can be shown on the map. Statistics related with a selected area can be given as an Excel file report.

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Easy use

With its simple and user-friendly interfaces it is easy to use for anyone.